So Revcode’s author(s) tried to threaten me into taking my article down again (under the guise of defamation ignoring how I literally am aware of active revcode malware campaigns) and I did a little bit of digging and I found something particularly interesting.

Let’s take a look at their website, most notably the “About and Contact” section.

Here, a VAT number was provided: SE900511095301. Now if we look this up on some VAT search sites, a name is obtained:

Alex Yucel, hmmm. Does this not sound familiar? Oh right, it was one of the Blackshades folks.

How fascinating! A Blackshades person returning and selling a malware now under the guise of legality? One would thought that being in prison for a bit would’ve taught him a lesson. I suppose the 350k he and his “friends” made convinced him otherwise. Or perhaps he’s feds. The possibilities are endless really. However I as of the moment am leaning towards the second theory, that he’s a fed.

Another interesting note: they have now added the C++ client. However, what is most strange is that the C++ client does not support Windows XP apparently. Sheer incompetence or what? Who knows, we will have to see.

Anyways my short message which Mr. Blackshades/Revcode can clearly see from here is that I am not shutting up, thank you very much, peace out.