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Revcode’s author(s) tried to threaten me into taking my article down again. As a result, I did a little bit of digging and I found something particularly interesting. Let’s take a look at their website, most notably the “About and Contact” section.

Here, a VAT number was provided: SE900511095301. Now if we look this up on some VAT search sites, a name is obtained:

Alex Yucel, hmmm. Does this not sound familiar? Oh right, it was one of the Blackshades people.

How fascinating! A Blackshades developer returning and selling malware under the guise of legality? One would think that being in prison for a bit would’ve taught him a lesson. I suppose the 350k he and his “friends” made convinced him otherwise.¬†Another interesting note: they have now added the C++ client. However, what is most strange is that the C++ client does not support Windows XP apparently. Sheer incompetence or what? Who knows, only time will tell.

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  1. John Revesz
    You know Brian.... This is a very vast world wide network we reside on. Your articles were interesting for a brief period of time until I got a first hand chance to deal with you. _IF_ in fact Revcode is working for the FEDs, and lets all be honest, its not entirely unsurprising. But more importantly, you reporting this kind of crap could very well be interfering with an ongoing active investigation. You make all these posts, or "Articles" as you call them, with absolute MINIMAL "Investigation" whatsoever. Honestly, how do you even consider yourself an Investigative journalist? The people at The Onion get more facts correct than you do, good sir. Where you cant get an answer, you simply FILL IN THE BLANKS. This is not journalism. It is straight up smear propaganda. "Despite my best efforts, I cant find a legal business registration for Orcus Technologies" - Well seems the fucking AUTHORITIES HAD NO PROBLEM. - Being they are charging me for sale of malicious code under a company entity. - You stupid dip squealed Porcupine poking pompous raping dip shit. Go back to the New York times and report on local bakeries and the cities largest cookies like Bruce Almighty, that is where the hell you belong. You do not belong, nor fit in the Cyber Security world.
    • Mr. Krabs
      Bruh Armada you commented on the wrong blog, this is krabs not krebs.
  2. John Revesz
    One day Brian, my friend... Your gonna meet a match who knows better, and has much more influence than the people you report on. You thought a Funeral reef and heroin being shipped to you was something? - One day, and it wont be from myself or my counterparts (Your simply not worth our efforts, honestly speaking) You can and WILL report against someone who wont take it so light hearted. That day will be a reckoning... Hope your family has a backup plan. Stay Safe... Best regards.
    • qqq
      Dear "John", Check the URL of the website you're on before showing the world how dumb you are.
  3. Whiteshades
    Wait who the fuck is Brian Just when I thought I was getting this whole computer thing
    • GOTT
      Armada got confused between krabs and krebs lmao
  4. helios post
    Krebs and Krabs are not the same thing LMFAO!